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Magellan Switch - Capture Human Telemetry

Magellan Switch UP Fitness GPS Watch

Capturing the Action is not just restricted to video and photos. There is a lot more action that goes on in your chosen sport. Data and telemetry, no matter what the sport, not only gives you genuine feedback of performance and progress, but it adds another element to the recall and replay of your activities.

This is why we decided to add the Magellan range of outdoor and fitness products to our extensive range of products. Why not add engaging information to your videos, such as live heart rate and speed data not to mention, the possibilities of altitude, temperature, cadence, force and much more. All this data is captured with the Magellan Switch range of products.

Checkout this brilliant range of products, they are universal for all sports, not just running or cycling. The Switch series of Fitness GPS watches are waterproof and shockproof making them perfect for swimming, water ski racing, running, cycling, triathlon and rowing, just to name a few sports.

The scope of sports is endless and not restricted to the common and obvious physical sports. Why not put a Switch Fitness watch on a race car driver and monitor his or her heart rate while racing, then overlay that data on the video captured with your favourite sports camera.

Checkout the range and Capture the Action like never before with the addition of a Switch GPS Fitness Watch


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